BizMet – Competitive sustainable business from metal recycling – project funded by EIT Raw Materials is organising a course on circular economy, especially focusing on metal recycling, giving students a broad overview of the trade covering technology, sustainability, business and regulative aspects.

This course is arranged in co-operation with LUT University (Finland), TU Clausthal (Germany), Mineral and Energy Economic Research Institute – MEERI (Poland) and TU Chalmers (Sweden).


The course covers the complex multiple value chains of the recycled metals industry with an emphasis on regional and common themes.

The themes include, for example:

  • recovering secondary metal raw materials from sources such as eWaste and metal scrap, technological treatment processes of secondary raw materials
  • design of innovative products/processes/services, including eco-design
  • circular economy and industrial symbiosis value chains and novel business models
  • the extended producer responsibility in circular economy

Target audience

University students (PhD and MSc level), teachers and researchers, industrial professionals and other stakeholders interested in metal recycling and circular economy.

Type of training

Course: eLearning, Self-study

Assignment: Self-study, Group work, Idea Camp

Course content

BizMet Academy course contains five study Modules: (1) Circular economy, (2) Circular Economy in metal industry, (3) Environmental management of (metal) recycling, (4) Business in (metal) recycling, and (5) EU legislation and regulation for CE and metal recycling. In addition, students can choose to carry out an assignment.


English (prerequisite)

Course instructors

Finland: Jutta Nuortila-Jokinen,

Germany: Asja Mrotzek-Blöß,

Poland: Joanna Kulczycka,

Sweden: Martina Petranikova,


Free of charge



If you’re interested in getting involved, please sign up by 15 October 2019 at the latest: