Multidisciplinary Pilot Courses

2nd Pilot Course, August 2020

Following the success of the first pilot course and the positive feedback received, MINETRAIN is organising a second pilot training program in Summer of 2020. The course will introduce the concept of mine value chain and provide the participants and understanding on how digital technologies profit mining and able the industry to adapt to the constantly changing business.

After completion of the course, the course participants are expected have an understanding on how developing technologies enhance sustainability in the key components of mining operations; exploration, mining and mineral processing. The target group of the course are e.g. mining engineers, miners, consultants and IT-professionals.

An online course will launch at the beginning of June 2020, introducing the different technological applications utilized in exploration, mine planning, mining activities and mineral processing.

The online course will be followed by a one-week on-site practical training that will take place again in Finland, yet at three different sites this time:

a) at the test facilities of Sandivik in Tampere

b) at the Pyhäsalmi mine in Pyhäjärvi

c) at Normet´s factory in Iisalmi

The on-site training is limited to 15 people and is scheduled for late August 2020. MINETRAIN wil provide accommodation during the course and transportation between Tampere, Pyhäsalmi and Iisalmi.

The enrolment for the online-courses is opening in May 2020.

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