Driving and fostering innovation along the entire raw materials value chain.

The application deadline is 15 June 2020, 13:00 CEST


The Fast-Track Call is open for the following KAVA segments:

  • Education (PhD Education, Master Education, Lifelong Learning, Wider Society Learning)
  • Upscaling
  • Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)
  • Internationalisation

The maximum amount of the EIT RawMaterials funding allocated to each project will not exceed €200,000. Project funding in excess of €200,000 may be considered in exceptional circumstances.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility to apply for this call is restricted to:

  1. ongoing KAVAs, i.e., projects that have been allocated EIT RawMaterials funding in 2020;
  2. KAVAs completed in 2019, i.e., projects that have been allocated EIT RawMaterials funding in 2019.

The following activities are eligible for support:

  1. Increase in scope of the project: activities that will lead to a demonstrated and quantifiable increased impact of the project (e.g., additional/higher KPIs, creation of a success story).
  2. Speed-up the launch of a product to the market: activities that will accelerate the launch of a product/service to the market (see Appendix 2). These activities are specifically aimed at recently finished or ongoing Upscaling and LLL projects with good performance but in need of additional funding to launch their products/services to the market or a commercialisation partner.
  3. Development of a GoToMarket strategy. This activity applies only to projects that, at the time of selection, did not have a mandatory GoToMarket work package and that, therefore, had not budgeted for this activity (see Appendix 3).
  4. Applications to COVID-19: activities that, within the context of the existing project, will lead to demonstrated, immediate and quantifiable positive outcomes in the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic (see Appendix 4).

Terms and conditions


EIT-RawMaterials-Fast Track-Innovation-Call-2020- Appendix 1