EIT RawMaterials Eastern CLC team invites you to join our next Community Call which will be held on June 12th 13:00 – 15:00 pm CET.

We are organizing an informal online event series every month at the same time, all the time, on the second Friday of the month starting at 13:00 pm CET. The idea is to come together as a community interested in raw materials, innovation, entrepreneurship and talk, discuss all of these topics informally and find out what motivates us, what else might be interested for us we can share.

This time we would like you to reflect on how our life was disrupted during the COVID-19 lockdown / home office / distant teaching & learning,  what do you think was good practice and what other things might not went so well. We would like to challenge you as well with a fictional future event that needs to be transformed into an online format and we are looking for smart ideas.

As always, we are going to invite panelists to kick off discussion, our panelists this time will be:

  • Students from various countries, – Poland, Greece, Croatia, and Hungary,
  • Denis Kalkofen, TU Graz
  • Giorgos Papapanagiotakis, Emphasis DigiWorld

If you are connected to the raw materials sector, as a professional from industry, academia, research, or maybe a student and living or being active in any country between Poland and Greece, please join us and share your thoughts and insights. The only thing you need to do is provide your name and email address until the 10th June 16:00 CEST using the link below and we will send you the connection information to our event.