Join the Pan-European start-up accelerator programme!

Are you the next top innovation team offering radically sustainable products or services in the raw materials sector? EIT RawMaterials Accelerator programme provides tailored support for start-ups to fast-track their business!

Connecting start-ups with the world’s largest innovation community in the raw materials sector

The support provided in each phase consists of both group work, individual coaching as well as anchoring start-ups in their local and national ecosystems while at the same time opening up introductions on a Pan-European level to partners of the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community. The combination of local anchoring and Pan-European opportunities are envisaged to increase the success rate and market opportunities of the selected start-ups.

Tailored support for start-ups

RM Accelerator comprises 3 Phases (Invent, Build, Grow) where each phase has a specific objective, process, funding and timeline. Only the teams that graduated from Phase 1 – Invent programme will be invited to apply for the next phase.

This call is open for start-ups that already have an innovative offering (at TRL 4-6) and see an opportunity in rapidly developing this offering in the raw materials sector: from exploration, mining and mineral processing, to recycling, substitution and circular economy.

Phase 1 – Invent: 3 months of expert business coaching with a focus on building a proof of concept for your business model and discovering your market niche

Phase 2 – Build: 6 months, supports your validation of customer needs and verification of business assumptions while identifying criteria for market entry

Phase 3 – Grow: 6-9 months, tailors your business for launch through market entry, raising financing and expansion of your team

Find a market niche, develop your financial model and build a business model with EIT RawMaterials team

Phase 1 – Invent is about building proof of concept for the business model in the targeted raw materials market segments. It starts with ideas at TRL 4-6 and aims to find a market niche, to develop a financial model, and to build a business model. Selected start-ups will receive €15 000 as funding to cover their costs for participating in Phase 1 of the RM Accelerator.

Objectives for Phase 1:

  • Identify beachhead market, market size, customer pain
  • Identify key value drivers, good margin/product and margin/year, estimate financial needs
  • Compose a founding team, identify roles and coming needs for the team.

Phase 1 has a 3-months duration. It starts with a workshop, followed by bi-weekly calls with experts. It ends with a Graduation Day, where the start-ups pitch their idea. Graduation Day is also the stage-gate to Phase 2 – Build in the RawMaterials Accelerator.

Are you ready to accelerate your solution to the market? Apply for the RM Accelerator programme today!

The application deadline is Thursday, 3 September 2020!