The first aim of the BioLeach project (main objective) is to create impact on the local ecosystem by and along development/improvement of the technology and especially by engaging the relevant local players. Technology will be applied to local deposits to obtain RMs appropriate for industrial utilization. While currently used technologies are very expensive and environmentally not acceptable, low cost and ecological method of bioleaching is suggested. Bioleaching is an alternative way of improving deposits via activity of bacteria, which induce changes of chemical and structural features of rocks and minerals. The challenge of the project is to configure/improve this effective, economical and innovative method for specific local sources.

The second aim is related to greater utilization of local sources. Effective bacteria can be used industrially for treatment of mRMs to extract CRMs, REEs and metals, but also for treatment of nRMs, whose commercial value is decreased by impurities limiting the area of their application. Therefore further aim of this project is to test and evaluate local minerals as new potential sources, whose increased industrial value was obtained by bioleaching.

Expected role of RIS Task Partner
Selected RIS task partner is expected to implement project tasks as listed below:
– Actively participate in BioLeach project implementation under TP Patron.
– Provide inorganic/organic chemical analyses (metals, cationic and anionic species)
– Have an opportunity to provide solid phase analyses (particle size distribution surface are, SEM, XRD, XRF)
– Providing the support during the pilot plant build and testing on site and in the laboratory

All applications must be submitted using the Application Form

The application must be submitted to, by 4th of July 2020, 12:00 CET.The following persons can assist you in case of questions:
Ing. Tomáš Pavlik, PhD.
Tel: +421 915 762 195

More information: RIS-Task-Partners-Call_BioLeach