Whether you are looking to further develop your technical skills in a new and exciting area, or help your organisation embrace cutting-edge technology to transform their business operations, the RawMatCop Academy is for you!

Course topics

  • Introduction to Copernicus and Earth Observation data
  • Basics of imaging technology, optical and active remote sensing in raw materials
  • Optimised ways to monitor environmental impact and increase safety
  • Copernicus’ tools to tackle the industrial and societal challenges of raw materials in Europe

Case studies & exercises

  • Mineral exploration and mapping of deposits
  • Monitoring of mining activities including waste management
  • Environmental impact monitoring
  • Water detection

Who should apply?

Entrepreneurs and industry professionals from the exploration, mining and processing sectors who are looking for innovative techniques to monitor and manage raw materials in their organisation.

We also welcome geoscientists, development and environmental experts, researchers, master and doctoral students working in the raw materials sector as well as remote sensing practitioners interested in learning raw materials applications.

The courses are eligible only for participants from RIS countries.

The application period for the RawMatCop Academy RIS Hub Košice course ends on 30 October (23:59 CET). Participants are limited to 40 and will be selected on a rolling basis, according to their professional and academic experience, background and motivation to take part in the course. The selected participants will be contacted by 2 November 2020.