We invite you to an online workshop focused on the development of business and innovation skills. The workshop is intended for all students, startups, scientific researchers, and academics who want to verify the commercial potential of their idea and talk to experienced professionals.

The aim of the workshop is to find out how to transform ideas or knowledge from research into the practical world of real business.

The workshop will focus primarily on sustainable development, recycling, circular economy, and the raw material sector. The program also includes advice on applying for the early stage of the EIT Jumpstarter acceleration program, under which funding of up to € 10,000 can be obtained.

Workshop dates: 9. November or 7. December


The workshop will be arranged by experts from EIT Raw Materials:

Hans Westerhof

Hans is a startup coach and entrepreneur with experience in a wide range of industries, primarily clean tech. It currently focuses on educating entrepreneurs.

Antonis Politis

Antonis is a startup coach, consultant, and specialist in the raw materials industry. He works as a business development manager at EIT RawMaterials. It is currently focusing on building an innovative ecosystem for raw materials in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Markus Klein

Markus is an expert in the field of business development and innovation with 25 years of experience. As a Business Developer for EIT RawMaterials, he focuses on early identification of innovation potential and providing the necessary support to innovative startups.