We are pleased to invite you to an online info session regarding the new HEI Capacity Building Initiative – An Introduction, taking place on 17 December, 16-17h CET.

Presented in this introduction will be the overall policy context of this Initiative, strategic objectives and BP2021 draft implementation plan (currently under review). This info session is meant to be the first of a few info sessions planned in 2021-Q1.

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To date, the KICs have predominately cultivated innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems by collaborating with HEIs at programme and/or departmental level. At this scale the KICs and its Partners have built up a solid foundation of knowledge, expertise, best practices, but also networks, through the (co)creation and (co-)delivery of challenge-based, innovation and entrepreneurship capacity building programmes, models and initiatives targeting educators and students.

Under Horizon Europe and in the current draft Strategic Innovation Agenda 2021-2027, the European Commission expects the EIT/KICs to raise the bar in higher education and create systemic impact by

  • Increasing the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of HEIs at institutional level;
  • Strengthening the role of HEIs in their innovation ecosystems to ensure they are empowered to drive impact along the KICs’ Societal Impact Pathways.

To realize this ambition, the EIT/KIC have developed the HEI Capacity Building Initiative which will mobilize HEIs and support them along a trajectory toward a stronger, systemic contribution to innovation ecosystems.