How to design and plan a course with entrepreneurial and innovation elements

This course is designed for teachers who want to integrate entrepreneurial mindset and skills into their topic specific courses. The main point of the course is to help teachers create a positive student experience that supports learning of the selected entrepreneurial skills and competences and enhances the learning of the discipline specific topics.

In the course, the participants will work on developing an own course in university-specific teams (min: 2participants/university).

The course will cover the following topics/ draft schedule:

  • The need for integrated courses: student, industry and university education views.

  • Framing of a course: including innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Home assignment: Entrepreneurial framing of the course

  • Choosing entrepreneurial learning outcomes for the course

  • Creating a course schedule

  • Supporting student teams

  • Teaching staff–co-teaching and using university and ecosystems support.

Webinar date (CΕΤ)

Daily schedule:

• On-line Zoom class: 09-11CET (10-12EET)

• Lunch break and team exercise:11-13CET (12-14EET)

• On-line Zoom class: 13-15CET (14-16EET)

• Team homework on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The course will be held in English and for a limited number of trainees.  Applications will be accepted by Sept 7th, 2021. Participation in the course does not require fees.