3rd – 5thMay 2022, Telkibánya, Hungary // online participation possible

Join us for a 3-day workshop Innovation in exploration focused on innovative solutions for mineral prospecting and exploration, combined with field work demonstrations, delivered on the following topics by university and industry experts:
1. Main challenges and needs in innovative mineral exploration and robotization;
2. Remote-sensing- and sensor-based techniques and their application in the geochemical and geological exploration;
3. Advanced geophysical data processing and geostatistical methods and their innovative applications for mineral exploration.

Read the report on this year’s Dubrovnik workshop!

MSc/PhD students in the field of:
• Earth science
• Geology
• Geophysics
• Geological Engineering
• Mining Engineering and similar.


DIM ESEE v.2: Implementing innovations is a lifelong learning project focused on rising innovativeness among raw materials professionals in the region of Eastern and Southeastern Europe (ESEE), and is based on positive results and success of previous DIM ESEE school (2016-2020).

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