Apply for the new EIT RawMaterials course on the Social License to Operate

EIT RawMaterials is inviting students, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals, local and regional authority representatives, and government representatives focusing or specialising in raw materials, mining and exploration to apply for this new course on the critically important issue of the Social License to Operate (SLO). We also welcome applications from members of the public who are interested in the topic.

EIT RawMaterials’ mission is to develop a sustainable, secure, and domestic supply of raw materials to achieve the green and digital transition goals of the European Green Deal. Europe needs more mines to produce the raw materials that are urgently needed to power green energy and decarbonise the continent.

As part of our mission to accelerate the green and digital transition, EIT RawMaterials develops education courses on important issues related to safer, responsible mining.

SLO is a multidisciplinary and complex process addressing the relationship between the community and the mining industry and refers to a local or regional community’s acceptance of a mining project.

EIT RawMaterials has launched a new, online course which is now open for applications.

To enhance understanding and knowledge in this area, EIT RawMaterials developed this online course. It will explore SLO from the perspectives of the industry, research organisations, and NGOs and present case studies and practical examples.

The online course will take place on 30 November 2022 (9:00-13:00 CET). Participation is free of charge.

A full course description, including details on expert lecturers, is available here.

The deadline to apply is Monday, 28 November 2022, 12:00 CET.