About RawMatCop Academy

The RawMatCop Academy offers practical, hands-on courses in Copernicus for Raw Materials. Participants are trained to unlock the power of Copernicus for companies, organisations, and research institutions along the entire life-cycle of raw materials.

Course participants will work directly with Copernicus Sentinel satellite data and learn how to apply it in the workplace for the improvement of:

  • Securing the primary and secondary mineral and material resources needed to transition to a sustainable and circular economy
  • Monitoring environmental impact and increasing safety

Course Details

Are you interested in developing technical skills in a new and exciting area? Do you want to help your organisation embrace cutting-edge technology that transform business operations while focusing on sustainability? Then the RawMatCop Academy is for you.

Course topics

  • Introduction to Copernicus and Earth Observation data
  • Basics of imaging technology, optical and active remote sensing in raw materials
  • Optimised ways to monitor environmental impact and increase safety
  • Copernicus’ tools to tackle the industrial and societal challenges of raw materials in Europe

Case studies & exercises

  • Mineral exploration and mapping of deposits
  • Monitoring of mining activities including waste management
  • Environmental impact monitoring
  • Water detection

Who should apply?

Entrepreneurs and industry professionals from the exploration, mining and processing sectors who are looking for innovative techniques to monitor and manage raw materials in their organisation.

We also welcome geoscientistsdevelopment and environmental expertsresearchersmaster and doctoral students working in the raw materials sector as well as remote sensing practitioners interested in learning raw materials applications.


5, 7, 12 & 14 December, 09:00 – 13:00 CET


The application deadline is 24 November 2022 (23:59 CET)


More information: https://rawmatcop.eitrawmaterials.eu/