Since 2015, the Technical University in Košice (TUKE) is an Associate member of the world’s largest innovation community focused on raw materials. As a result of the enormous effort and international cooperation, TUKE has established itself to such an extent that the management of the EIT RM decided in Košice to establish its workplace.

Regional HUB Center Košice was established in January 2018 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT RawMaterials) in cooperation with the Technical University of Kosice. Activities of the HUB Center are run by the Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Proces Control and Geotechnology (FBERG) and its objective is to mobilize all stakeholders falling to knowledge triangle and to support the local ecosystem in order to enhance the innovative potential of the region. All this in line with European strategies.

The Target Group is not just the mining sector but the entire value chain of raw materials, where the HUB Center is constantly developing its already rich database of contacts. According to the EIT, the Slovak Republic belongs to the so-called ESEE region (East and South East Europe) and falls under the Co-location Center East (CLC East).

Follow us and you will soon learn what it is and how it can help you – whether you are a researcher, entrepreneur, academician or individual.