Ambition is to accelerate the time to market of the innovative concepts through the support of EIT RawMaterials and Veolia in a “co-creation” mode. In particular, the intention is to test the concepts on the industry and commercial sites of Veolia in Germany, providing first references in a real environment.

You want to apply for the call?

Send an e-mail with your pitch deck at until June, 22nd 2018!

They will get back to you with feedback about your idea as soon as possible and invite you to officially submit your application!

You are politely asked to not apply before the feedback to guarantee the best results for both sides.
Unfortunately, applications which not have been sighted beforehand cannot be considered! Deadline for the Go Circular! campaign is June, 22nd.

The Cooperation is proposed for startups with innovative concepts in these fields:

  1. Recycling of composite materials with focus on metal / plastic composites and other difficult waste streams
  2. WEEE (waste of electrical and electronic equipment), battery and catalyst recycling
  3. Novel ecodesign concepts to increase industrial use of recycled product

For more information please visit following website: