What and where?

A unique 5-day course linking business training and practical outdoor field education, where the teams will solve assignments within the chosen area of interest (geology, geodesy and processing).  The travel expenses including accommodation and meals are fully covered by the provider.

On the first day, the business training will take place at the Technical University in Kosice (Slovakia), where visiting experts will give insights on the business environment in the RM sector in the V4 countries, and the session leaders will guide the participants through the various aspects of a successful business plan. The participants will be divided into 3 groups (according to study fields – geology, geodesy, processing). Each group will be given a practical assignment that the team will have to solve with the gained skills until the end of the week.    

The subsequent four days will take place at locations that suit best the theme of the assignment:

  • Students of geology and geodesy:

The students exploring the mineralization associated with 1) tectonics and 2) sedimentary structures will have practical training with a main aim to recognize, characterize and to model geometry of the discontinuities with implications to mineralizations. This practical training will take place in the unique environment of the Tatry Mts. In Slovakia.

  • Students of mineral processing:

The students will discover technologies based on physical, physico-chemical, chemical and biological principles applied as environmental technologies in the treatment and purification of water, soil and air. At the same time, they will participate in the collection of selected environmental samples. This practical training will take place in the selected areas of  Slovakia connected with mineral processing activities.

You will gain:

  • practical skills enabling you to carry out an applied research/industry specific assignment in the chosen area of interest
  • entrepreneurial knowledge
  • business awareness of the RM sector in the V4 countries


14th October – 18th October 2019

Who can apply and how?

Students (Bc. Msc., PhD.) of the study programmes related to geology, geodesy and mineral processing.

Candidates are asked to fill in a 1-page application form stating their expertise, skills and motivation. The applications and attachments have to be sent to: jana.smihulova@tuke.sk

All applications and course activities shall be done in English. Deadline for applications is 15.8.2019.

The applications can be downloaded HERE.

What does the selection process include?

Who is an eligible candidate:


  • The course is open for a total of 12 students (Bc./MSc./PhD.).
  • English language proficiency ( for a successful following of the course, as all course activities will be done in English)

Selection procedure:

The applications will be assessed by the qualifying comitee at the Technical University of Kosice based on:

  • research/professional expertise and skills
  • documentation of grades from completed semesters of study
  • additional activities of the students (research activities, publications etc.)
  • motivation stated in the letter of motivation
  • English language proficiency