We would like to inform about a call for 2-3 aditional RIS Task partners in the KAVA5 project BioLeach: Innovative Bio-treatment of Raw Materials in RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) category, coordinated by Technical University of Košice (see https://eitrawmaterials.eu/project/bioleach/)

Non-KIC member organisations in RIS countries can be involved as Third Parties (so called “RIS Task partners”) in RIS projects. RIS Task partners in the BioLeach project may become any relevant legal entity with mineral raw materials resources in any potential outreach country of the project (Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia) in order to contribute to the achievement of the main aim of the BioLeach project: to create impact on the local ecosystem; for details see Annex II.

The call was announced on 4th of July and applications (RIS Task Partners selection_Annex II) must be submitted to both the email adress of EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hubs (CLCs) – tomas.pavlik@tuke.sk and the Project Coordinator of the BioLeach project – darina.styriakova@tuke.sk by 25th of July at 13:00 CET.