Copper 2019 Conference
18-21 August in Vancouver, Canada

EIT RawMaterials at the 9th International Conference on Life Cycle Management
1-4 September in Poznan, Poland

EIT RawMaterials at the European Minerals Days 2019
20-22 September, tba

EIT Community at the European Research and Innovation Days
24-26 September in Brussels, Belgium 

The Finnish Presidency Event – European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy
30 September – 1 October in Helsinki, Finland

Visual3D Conference
1-2 October in Uppsala, Sweden

QM-FORMa workshop: Quantum Mechanical Simulations can elevate the Design of Materials
9 October in Turin, Italy

Euro PM2019 Congress & Exhibition
13-16 October in Maastricht, the Netherlands 

15 October in Budapest, Hungary 

EIT RawMaterials at the Metallic Mining Hall 2019
15-17 October in Seville, Spain  

EIT RawMaterials at the 12th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM 2019) 
29-31 October in Levi, Finland 

Assessment of undiscovered mineral resources – the MAP method: theory and examples 
1 November in Levi, Finland  

G-STIC 2019  
20-22 November in Brussels, Belgium 

Expert Forum: Urban Mining & Metal Recovery of Low-Grade Ores and Side Streams  
25 November in Helsinki, Finland

Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility: Electrification and Lightweight Design 
7-9 October in Turin, Italy 

Launch Event: Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse
28-29 October in Levi, Finland

Talk Nerdy To Me – A Science Communication Bootcamp 
1-4 July in Goslar, Germany  

Summer School ECOPADS 2019: From linear to circular thinking​ 
1-4 July in Trento, Italy  

Course: Hot Isostatic Pressing
1-5 July in Coventry, UK 

ECOPADS workshop: Non-exhaust vehicular emissions
5 July in Riva del Garda, Italy​ 

SusCritMat Summer School for Educators 
10-12 July in Cambridge, UK 

Summer Camp: Doctoral Course for Circular Economy Entrepreneurship in System Integrated Metals Processing 
31 July – 2 August in Delft, the Netherlands  

Raw & Circular Economy Expedition (RACE)
18-31 August in 4 locations across Europe  

Course: Additive Manufacturing 
26-30 August in Dresden, Germany 

Company Challenge 2019
2-5 September in Huelva, Spain 

Lightweight Professional: Introductory Module 
3-5 September in Munich, Germany  

Course: Metal Injection Moulding
9-13 September in Madrid, Spain  

Lightweight Professional: Introductory Module  
17-19 September in Leuven, Belgium   

RawMaterials University Day 2019 in Espoo​ 
2 October in Espoo, Finland 

The Future of Raw Materials Higher Education Conference and Ideation 
2-4 October in Zagreb, Croatia  

Lightweight Professional: Introductory Module  
8 October in Altavilla Vicentina, Italy  

Lightweight Professional: Introductory Module 
8-10 October in Bilbao, Spain​  

RawMaterials University Day 2019 in Bologna 
14 October in Bologna, Italy  

DIM ESEE 2019: Small Mining Sites 
14-19 October in Dubrovnik, Croatia  

RawMaterials University Day 2019 in Freiberg
28 November in Freiberg, Germany  

Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management (MOOC)

11th ESEE Dialogue Conference – Sustainable Resource Use – Tailings, Wastes, Slags  
3-4 October in Zagreb, Croatia