The workshop will address several innovative extraction methods and review some of the latest future-oriented technologies. The latest achievements in the field of blasting will be presented, such as the use of computer modelling, the characterization of the rock mass for optimal fragmentation during blasting, and methods of reducing the unwanted effects of blasting. Innovations related to hard rock mechanical cutting and digitization in the field of exploitation will be presented using examples from practice and results achieved as part of currently ongoing EU research projects.

  1. Blasting Extraction Methods: Advanced technologies in blast modelling using electronic detonators (Austin Powder) / How Low Can You Go? – Extra-Low-Profile Equipment for underground mineral extraction (DOK-ING)
  2. Mechanical Extraction Methods: Latest developments in hard rock cutting (the IlluMINEation project)/ Cutting for hard rock development, the MX650 experience
  3. Innovative & Sustainable Extraction Practices: Resilient Bio-inspired Modular Robotic Miners – the Robominer project/ The Digitalized Mining Process – IlluMINEation project/ Earth Observation for Extraction Planning/ Future smart mining
  4. Best cases: Improving mill throughput by blast optimization using advanced technologies / the EPIROC Mobile Miner/ Safety Concept for production blasting in populated areas (Leitendorf best-practice case)

Raw materials professionals with good command of the English language and basic knowledge related to annual topics, working in one of the following fields:
Mining Engineering, Geology, Applied Earth Sciences, Mechanics, and similar.